Automated product security for connected devices

Finite State empowers organizations to gain control of product security for their connected devices and supply chains. Backed by a team of seasoned experts, our automated, easy-to-use platform arms our customers with the actionable insights, critical vulnerability data, and remediation guidance necessary to mitigate product risk and protect the connected attack surface.

Finite State delivers the deep visibility required for organizations to find and address security issues at every stage of the development lifecycle. We handle connected devices and embedded systems across all industries, including those found in enterprises, healthcare, utilities, connected vehicles, manufacturing facilities, critical infrastructure, and government entities.

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Risk Profile

A unified view of product and supply chain risks with scoring that indicates level of urgency.

Device Composition

Full visibility, including Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), third-party and open source risks, and weakness and vulnerability detection.

Issue Management

A way to quickly prioritize and manage security issues. Reduce friction between development teams and product security teams by providing remediation guidance with the largest risk reduction ROI.

Compliance Guidance

Critical information necessary to identify compliance gaps and meet key industry standards and regulations.

Reporting & Analytics

Share insights and analytics with internal and external stakeholders via our easy and robust reporting function.

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