A visible and secure external attack surface. Effortlessly.

With your IT ecosystem distributed across on-premises, the cloud and your supply chain, your network perimeter is no longer clearly defined. Such distributed IT ecosystems leave organizations with major blind spots and limited visibility of their external attack surface.

Reposify’s external attack surface management platform helps organizations to discover and eliminate unknown internet exposures in real-time. With Reposify, enterprises enjoy:

  • Complete Visibility: Ongoing identification and prioritization of critical internet exposures within and beyond known network ranges.
  • Faster Remediation: Automated action plans with remediation advice.
  • Zero Setup: The solution doesn’t require any deployment, setup, or operational overhead.

Key Features and Benefits

Continuous Internet Mapping

Proprietary global and agentless scanning network indexes all exposed assets across the internet 24/7.

Exposed Assets Discovery and Analysis

Classification and association engines analyze all the assets and automatically create your complete exposed asset inventory, including both your known and unknown assets. Various non-intrusive techniques are leveraged to detect exposures, cryptographic issues, misconfigurations, remote code execution risks, CVEs, and more.

Risk Prioritization and Action Plan Generation

Intelligent risk prioritization and security scoring algorithms rank the risks based on multiple variables. An action plan with remediation steps is generated so you can eliminate more risks in less time.

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