About Merlin Ventures

We’re not your typical strategic investor

We not only take
disruption to market –
we make it mainstream

Emerging cybersecurity companies have options for where they take funding from. But Merlin Ventures brings much more than funding and is unlike any other strategic investment firm. We provide infrastructure for market readiness, cybersecurity engineering expertise, and go-to-market muscle for all of our partners.

At Merlin Ventures, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s next in cybersecurity. We scour the globe for the world’s most innovative emerging cybersecurity technologies. We then strategically invest and rapidly scale them – dramatically increasing their valuation while equipping enterprises with unique ways to solve critical cybersecurity challenges.


The Merlin difference

Merlin Ventures is the investment arm of Merlin Cyber, a company with over 20 years of success in bringing technologies to market. What makes us unique is our business model. By combining robust infrastructure and capital, onboarding and market readiness acceleration, cybersecurity engineering leadership, and deep-rooted customer and market relationships, we enable our portfolio of cybersecurity companies to rapidly scale and flourish.

For enterprise executives, Merlin Cyber is the reliable go-to source where they can evaluate and buy the most advanced and groundbreaking cybersecurity technologies. What makes us tick:

  • Merlin Ventures: Strategic investment in visionary emerging technologies

  • Merlin Labs: Cybersecurity engineering integration, testing, and delivery of disruptive, holistic solutions

  • Merlin Cyber: Sales and marketing go-to-market relationships and expertise.

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